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The delay of game penalty for a failed offside challenge has at least softened the drudgery of sitting through a challenge every game in fear of being put on the penalty kill for 2 minutes after already having given up a goal. However, it seems as though the punishment may not fit the crime. A skater does not decide whether his coach challenges a play, but he ends up in the penalty box to serve the penalty. There is some precedence for sacrificial penalty serving whenever a goaltender commits a penalty, but its understandable why that goalie cannot end up in the box. It would be ridiculous to have to have an empty net for a couple minutes while on the penalty kill.

The coach’s failed offside challenge delay of game penalty should end with a different type of punishment. Instead of a skater ending up in the box, the head coach should serve the penalty. Make him do the walk of shame across the ice and take a seat for 2 minutes or less. There would be no better way to keep coaches from using the challenge then this…

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